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July, 2011

  • Fujitsu announced the global availability of new line of middleware products to support the Windows Azure Platform

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    Fujitsu announced the global availability of a new line of middleware products to support the Windows Azure Platform, which comes on the heels of their announcement of the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform service, powered by Windows Azure. The middleware products launching today will run on both FGCP/A5 and the Microsoft Windows Azure public cloud service, as well as provide customers around the world with the ability to build and deploy with Java and COBOL language runtime environments, migrate existing list applications, and coordinate job scheduling between on-premises and the Windows Azure Platform.

    By making this middleware available, Fujitsu will enable customers to more easily develop new applications, or take existing on-premises applications developed using Fujitsu’s market-tested middleware products, and run those applications on the Windows Azure Platform.  To learn more, we encourage you to visit Fujitsu’s Windows Azure service page and the official press release.

  • July 28th, 2011 News Thursday: “Daytona” Announcement, Hyper-V Updates, and more Server and Tools News…

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    “Daytona” now available for download, brings cloud to scientists’ fingertips

    On July 18, at the 12th annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, Microsoft Research announced details of a new platform for Windows Azure, code-named “Daytona.” “Daytona” supports a wide class of data analytics and machine learning algorithms. This toolkit, available free to scientists and researchers, is Microsoft Research’s answer to the scientific community’s plea for a computational runtime for data analysis and machine learning over their big data sets.

  • "Windows Server 8" Sneak Preview

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    If you’re in IT you are likely pulled between an almost infinite need for more computing power to deliver business solutions and the ever increasing demands for greater agility, higher efficiency and lower costs.  Fortunately, you can now deliver on these seemingly contradictory demands by leveraging the benefits of cloud computing with our public and private cloud solutions.  And they are only going to get better.

    Today we are excited to give you a sneak peek at the next step in private cloud computing by showing you just two of hundreds of new capabilities coming in the next version of Windows Server, internally code-named “Windows Server 8.”

  • July 14, 2011 News Thursday: SBS 2011 Essentials and “Project Concero” News

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    Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Now Available In All Channels

    On July 7, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials (SBS 2011 Essentials).

  • Microsoft Updates the Microsoft Partner Network to Help Partners Embrace the Cloud

    Today Robert Wahbe, STB corporate vice president, posted to the Official Microsoft Blog, writing: “While the path to cloud computing might be different for each customer, the economics, agility and focus the cloud provides will eventually prove irresistible to customers. For our partners, the resulting economic opportunity to work with those customers will, I believe, be equally irresistible.”

    Following Monday and Tuesday announcements from the Worldwide Partner Conference, today Microsoft announced updates to the Microsoft Partner Network.  The company will invest $5.8 billion in tools, training and incentives throughout fiscal year 2012 to better help partners grow their businesses and meet evolving technology needs of customers.

  • Microsoft Delivers New Cloud Tools and Solutions at the Worldwide Partner Conference

    Cloud computing is as big a transformation, and opportunity, as the technology industry has ever seen.  Partners and customers can look to Microsoft for the most comprehensive cloud strategy and offerings, in order to improve their business agility, focus and economics.  Today, at the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft announced tools and solutions to help partners capitalize on the opportunities, as well as examples of partners and customers already finding success.

  • Microsoft a Leader in x86 Server Virtualization

    Gartner published the 2011 Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure, in which Microsoft is listed among the leaders, along with Citrix and VMware. This outcome is interesting for a number of reasons, such as increased competition...