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    A question came up this week on how to Secure Web Applications the Microsoft way. Microsoft has extensive prescriptive guidance that applies to secure online applications. Defense in Depth 1. Start by building on a Secure Platform : · Windows Server 2003 with latest Service Pack - http...
  • Blog Post: Flying Pigs at the Turn of the Tide: Microsoft is finally emerging as a leader the cyber security industry

    Microsoft has been dealing with cyber treats for years both internally and with our customers, but just in case you haven’t noticed; there has been a significant change in the tide from both in the focus of such malevolent attacks and public perception of Microsoft ability to deal with those threats...
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    E-Government continues to grow with citizens demanding more online services daily and the consumerization of IT devices that need access to those services from anywhere in the world. Threats to these systems can outpace that growth at an even greater rate if government omits comprehensive security planning...