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  • Blog Post: MS08-001 (part 3) – The case of the IGMP network critical

    This is the final post in the three-part series covering MS08-001. In this post we’ll look at the IGMP vulnerability (CVE-2007-0069) and why we think successful exploitation for remote code execution is not likely. This vulnerability is around Windows’ handling of the IGMP and MLD protocols. These...
  • Blog Post: MS08-001 - The case of the missing Windows Server 2003 attack vector

    Part 3 of our MS08-001 blog post series mentioned that Windows Server 2003 does not expose an attack vector to the vulnerable IGMP code execution vulnerability by default. Windows XP and Vista enable UPnP (Universal Plug-and-Play) which exposes an attack vector to the vulnerable code but Windows Server...
  • Blog Post: MS08-001 - The case of the Moderate, Important, and Critical network vulnerabilities

    Security bulletin MS08-001 addresses vulnerabilities described by two separate CVE numbers, as you can see in the bulletin. This post provides an overview of the two issues, the affected platforms and notes on the severity. We’ll be following this post up with two further entries that look at each issue...