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  • Blog Post: GS cookie protection – effectiveness and limitations

    The Microsoft C/C++ compiler supports the GS switch which aims to detect stack buffer overruns at runtime and terminate the process, thus in most cases preventing an attacker from gaining control of the vulnerable machine. This post will not go into detail about how GS works, so it may be helpful to...
  • Blog Post: Enhanced GS in Visual Studio 2010

    In a previous post we noted some stack-based vulnerabilities, such as MS08-067, that GS was not designed to mitigate due to the degree of control available to an attacker. However, other vulnerabilities such as the ANI parsing vulnerability in MS07-017 would have been mitigated if the GS cookie protection...
  • Blog Post: New vulnerability in IIS5 and IIS6

    This afternoon, the MSRC posted a security advisory describing a newly-disclosed vulnerability in the IIS FTP service that could potentially grant remote code execution to untrusted users. You can find the advisory here . Vulnerability summary The vulnerability is a stack overflow in the FTP service...