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  • Blog Post: New EMF gdiplus.dll crash not exploitable for code execution

    Yesterday we noticed a blog post and securityfocus article about a potential new vulnerability in Microsoft GDI+ when parsing a specially-crafted EMF file. You might have heard about it referred to as ‘GpFont.SetData()’. We wanted to address some speculation about this EMF parsing bug. First, our...
  • Blog Post: New attack surface reduction feature in GDI+

    MS09-062 fixes several vulnerabilities in GDI+ related to image parsing. It also includes a feature which allows administrators to disable parsing for each of the different image formats. This feature was publicly released early this year in an optional GDI+ update available on the Microsoft Download...
  • Blog Post: MS08-052: Explaining the Windows Side-By-Side Cache

    You may have noticed that the MS08-052 bulletin has a workaround that’s a little different than you’re probably used to seeing in our bulletins. That’s because gdiplus.dll, on all OSes after Windows 2000, is stored in something called the Windows Side By Side Cache (WinSxS). The purpose of the WinSxS...