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  • Blog Post: Help and Support Center vulnerability full-disclosure posting

    Yesterday evening, one of Google’s security researchers publicly released vulnerability details and a working exploit for an unpatched vulnerability in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. This afternoon, we’ve released security advisory 2219475 with official guidance. We’d like to use...
  • Blog Post: XP SP3 range check hiding an overflow condition?

    We have received a few inquiries about the full disclosure posting , where a range check was added in Windows XP SP3 for the Terminal Server RPC function RpcWinStationEnumerateProcesses. The speculation stated that this change was to hide an overflow...
  • Blog Post: Stack overflow (stack exhaustion) not the same as stack buffer overflow

    Periodically we get reports into the MSRC of stack exhaustion in client-side applications such as Internet Explorer, Word, etc. These are valid stability bugs that, fortunately, do not lead to an exploitable condition by itself (no potential for elevation of privilege). We wanted to clarify the distinction...