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  • Blog Post: MS10-001: Font file decompression vulnerability

    MS10-001 addresses a vulnerability (CVE-2010-0018 ) in the LZCOMP de-compressor for Microtype Express Fonts. This blog aims to answer some questions regarding the updates we’ve made in this area. What is the issue? t2embed.dll improperly performs bounds-checking on lengths which are decoded from the...
  • Blog Post: More information on MS11-087

    Today, we released MS11-087 addressing an issue in the font parsing subsystem of win32k.sys, CVE-2011-3402. The bulletin received a Critical rating due to a potential browser-based attack vector. We have not seen the browser-based attack vector exploited in the wild. The bulletin includes a workaround...
  • Blog Post: Font Directory Entry Parsing Vulnerability In win32k.sys

    MS09-065 addresses a vulnerability (CVE-2009-2514) in the font parsing subsystem of win32k.sys. If not addressed, this vulnerability could allow an attacker to bluescreen (DoS) the machine (best case scenario) or run code of his/her choice, possibly in the context of the kernel (worst case scenario)...