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  • Blog Post: CVE-2013-3893: Fix it workaround available

    Today, we released a Fix it workaround tool to address a new IE vulnerability that had been actively exploited in extremely limited, targeted attacks. This Fix it makes a minor modification to mshtml.dll when it is loaded in memory to address the vulnerability. This Fix it workaround tool is linked from...
  • Blog Post: XP SP3 range check hiding an overflow condition?

    We have received a few inquiries about the full disclosure posting , where a range check was added in Windows XP SP3 for the Terminal Server RPC function RpcWinStationEnumerateProcesses. The speculation stated that this change was to hide an overflow...
  • Blog Post: Shellcode Analysis via MSEC Debugger Extensions

    In a previous post we provided some background on the !exploitable Crash Analyzer which was released earlier this year. One of the things that we didn’t mention is that !exploitable is just one of the debugger commands exported by the MSEC debugger extension . This extension also contains some additional...