High availability, manageability, performance, scalability, security and compliance – a heavy  set of requirements for meeting the needs of a mission critical workload.  SQL Server 2012 is setting the new standard for these criteria —helping customers achieve the uptime and performance they need at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), backed by built-in enterprise security and support for virtually any data. 

Attend our latest  briefing to learn in detail how SQL Server 2012:

· Helps protect an organization’s infrastructure with the required 9s and performance at the right price.  See how AlwaysOn, multiple secondaries and

reduced OS patching work.

· Takes a generational leap forward on performance, delivering new in-memory technologies (xVelocity) alongside a range of tools that help make that performance more consistent and predictable. 

· Makes it even easier for organizations to meet security and compliance policies with the most up-to-date encryption technologies built on Trustworthy Computing initiatives and the fewest number of security vulnerabilities among leading database vendors. Deliver greater confidence with built-in manageability tools.

”We’re already seeing interest in SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn, because customers want the ability to move deduplication processing onto a secondary server to boost performance and throughput.”

Daniel Peluso, Cloud Technical Specialist, Telstra

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ADELAIDE  22nd November
BRISBANE 28th  November
CANBERRA 28th  November
MELBOURNE 27th November
PERTH 21st November
SYDNEY 29th   November