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Big Picture Review & some common questions about SQL Server 2012 Power View answered

Big Picture Review & some common questions about SQL Server 2012 Power View answered

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IMG_0215It has been a while since I have blogged and this has been due to my recent involvement with the Big Picture event that took place in Melbourne and Sydney. I was busy with the technical setup and developing a demo scenario for the Insights 24/7 area – a name inspired by the famous TV show “24”. The best moment for me was setting up the bullpit area – the office of my dreams with many large screens hanging of the wall. Everyone who visited the event quite liked this setup, and this has inspired me to build a much bigger one for the next event (if we still have budget for one Smile).

At this event we were able to provide visitors with immersive experiences rather than death by PowerPoint. It was experiences in all our technologies from consumer side of things with Xbox to our Enterprise products such as BI, Server monitoring, Private cloud, etc. At the Insights 24/7 we had a demo scenario of a Auto Car manufacturer that is using our Dynamics AX ERP system from which they detect an issue using the Role Center feature – built in SQL Server Reporting Services reports, Analysis Services cubes and SharePoint delivery.

Once a problem was detected the demo moved to the business analyst (played by me) in which I show cased the use of Power Pivot and Power View to conduct analysis using a web browser. Once this was done and I showed the new animated Scatter plot, this was well received by the audiences, I then conducted a Lync video call with the marketing team to showcase how our collaboration platform can assist in decision making process.

The marketing team then took the data that was in Power Pivot and applied Data Mining algorithms to derive insights. This was all using the Predixion addins to Excel and sending the data to their cloud infrastructure, it can also be done on premise using the data mining algorithms in the Analysis Services engine. If you want more information about Predixion, please contact their resellers in Australia BizData -

Once the marketing team figured out an effective marketing campaign then we moved to the use of Twitter Analytics using Power Pivot to analyse the effectiveness of it via social media. For more information on this see my previous blog post.

We also had the HP BI Appliance, the Business Decision Appliance showcasing how quick it is to implement a BI solution based on Excel Power Pivot and publish it onto the SharePoint 2010 and PowerPivot SQL Server integrated on the appliance.

A big Thank You to the team that put together the demos and delivered them so well.











At the event I got lots of positive reaction on the new data visualisation tool called Power View in SQL Server 2012, especially when I showcased the Scatter plot animated over time. Below is a screen shot of Power View – think of it like Power Point for your data, create rich visualisation of your data through dragging and dropping interface. You can see it in action in a video -

After showcasing Power View I received the below 2 common questions at the Big Picture event, and as such I thought it would be worthwhile to blog about them.

Do I need SharePoint 2010 to use Power View?

The short answer to this question is Yes you do need to have SharePoint 2010 Enterprise to be able to take advantage of the new Power View visualization capability that is part of SQL Server 2012 Reporting Service running in SharePoint integrated mode.

For more information on this refer to the SQL Server 2012 RC0 documentation:

How do I make these dashboards, reports work on my iPad/Phone, mobile devices?

To answer this question I am referring you to the blog post from the SQL Server Reporting Services team - Below is the snippet from it referring to Microsoft’s mobile BI strategy.

After looking at market trends and industry expectations, we crafted our long term Mobile BI strategy that covers all of the Microsoft BI assets. It is a 3 phase strategy:

Phase 1 - 1HCY12:

Enable our existing SharePoint based BI assets (SSRS Operational report, Excel Services, Performance Point) to run on various browsers (including IOS).

Phase 2 – 2HCY12:

Provide touch based and touch optimized experiences on multiple devices. Prototypes of these were shown by Amir on stage on a set of WP7, Android and iPad devices. Some in the audience have assumed that this
demo did mean that this capability would be available with Denali as a result. That is NOT the case. We announced a timeline for it, not a release vehicle. At this point, we are also not disclosing the technology choices we
are making in order to enable these experiences.

You can see this prototypes in action at -


Phase 3 – Windows 8 Wave:

Provide an immersive experience on Windows 8 device. A prototype of what this experience could look like was shown by Amir on stage during the keynote. Again this demo DID NOT suggest that this would be available in the Denali timeframe. Timeline is TBD on this as we will look to align with Windows 8 itself. We are also at this point not disclosing the technology choices we are making in order to enable this immersive experience on Win8 devices.

What about doing Mobile BI today using Microsoft BI?

Now Customers looking to deploy and use Microsoft BI on mobile devices today have a broad host of Microsoft partners available to them. These partner solutions support a broad range of mobile devices and are built off of
the Microsoft BI solution stack.

Examples include:

  • Hi Shashank ,

    I tried opening Power view reports on my Ipad after upgrading test env. to sharepoint 2010 SP1 with June CU , still none of the reports open on Ipad , i checked the same using Safari 5

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