Microsoft has move to no. 1 on Ability to Execute which is heavily influenced by customer feedback on the customer survey.  We are particularly pleased at this strong customer recognition and validation.

Gartner credits Microsoft for the solution’s TCO, high customer satisfaction on a number of key metrics, both in terms of product quality and support, our move into the in-memory space with PowerPivot, strength in OLAP, the strong tie in with SharePoint’s collaboration capabilities and large-scale deployments, both in terms of users and data volume.  They call out that Microsoft has the largest-scale deployments in terms of users of any vendor according to the MQ customer survey responses. 


Following the Forrester 2010 Enterprise BI Platforms Wave, in which Microsoft entered the Leaders category, this report is another example of Microsoft’s success in positively influencing analysts. The report recognizes Microsoft's current leadership and builds excitement for future updates.

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