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  • Blog Post: Understanding HDInsight Custom Node VM Sizes

    With the 02/18/2015 update to HDInsight and Azure Powershell 0.8.14 we introduced a lot more options for configuring custom Head Node VM size as well as Data Node VM size and Zookeper VM size. Some workloads can benefit from increased CPU performance ...read more
  • Blog Post: How to pass Hadoop configuration values for a job on HDInsight

    I came across the question a few times recently from several customers– "how do we pass hadoop configurations at runtime for a mapreduce job or Hive Query via HDInsight PowerShell or .Net SDK?" I thought of sharing the answer here with ...read more
  • Blog Post: Customizing HDInsight Cluster provisioning

    In my last blog , I discussed how we can specify Hadoop configurations for a job on an HDInsight cluster. At the end of that blog, I also dicussed the alternative approach where you may want to change certain hadoop configurations from default values ...read more
  • Blog Post: Querying HDInsight Job Status with WebHCat via Native PowerShell or Node.js

    One of the great things about HDInsight is that under the covers, it has the same capabilities as other Hadoop installations. This means that you can use regular Hadoop endpoints like Ambari and WebHCat (formerly known as Templeton) to interact with an ...read more
  • Blog Post: How to use parameter substitution with Pig Latin and PowerShell

    When running Pig in a production environment, you'll likely have one or more Pig Latin scripts that run on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) that need to locate their input data based on when or where they are run. For example, you ...read more
  • Blog Post: Azure PowerShell 0.8.14 Released, fixes problems with pipelining HDInsight configuration cmdlets

    We recently pushed out the 0.8.14 release of Azure PowerShell . This release includes some updates to the following cmdlets to ensure that values passed in via the PowerShell pipeline, or via the -Config parameter, are maintained: Set-AzureHDInsightDefaultStorage ...read more
  • Blog Post: Using PowerShell to discover Reporting Services 2012 in SharePoint

    I was recently going through an exercise of documenting how to discover certain aspects of Reporting Services for some Kerberos work.  RS 2012 in SharePoint is a totally different game though.  The easiest way I could discover certain items ...read more