In Audit and Control Management Server (ACM) 2013, if you have a user who is only a Central Administrator and has no access to any of the sites, they may not be able to get to the Central Administrators page.


These are the steps that cause the issue:


1. In ACM Server, add a user to the Central Administrators, but don't grant any permissions within any of the sites configured in ACM.



2. Log in as the user who was added to the Central Administrators in step 1.


3. Notice that the New Site page appears.


4. Click on the gear icon and then click Central Administrators.


Expected - The Central Administrators page should be displayed.


Actual - The user keeps getting sent to the New Site page.


To work around this issue, perform ONE of the following steps:


1. Have a Site Administrator (there must be one) add the user to their site, and then the Central Administrator should be able to get to the Central Administrators page.


2. Find another person who is also a Central Administrator and also has access to at least one site, and ask them to complete the action on the Central Administrators page.


3. Create a new site, and then go to the Central Administrators page to complete the action required.  The downside of this is that there is no way to delete a site after creating it.