SharePoint serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. In this case, it is the occassional musings, observations, and Ouija board readings about the phabulously

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    I had the unfortunate need to understand the licensing model a little bit better recently for enabling editing in Office Web Apps. It's a little bit of a circuitous route so I thought I would just quickly detail it here. In short you want to: Create a new license mapping for folks that are...
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    One of the neat features about SharePoint 2013 is that Office Web Apps has been split off into it's "own product" so it doesn't have to be installed on a SharePoint server anymore. There are lots of reasons to do that, like being able to maintain a separate patching schedule, being...
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    As you know or will soon learn, Office Web Apps in SharePoint 2013 is no longer a service application that is part of your SharePoint farm. Instead it is installed as a separate farm, which provides a number of advantages, such as reuse between multiple SharePoint and Exchange farms, a separate patching...