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PSConfig Fails with Missing / Required Error Message After Applying CU or Service Pack in SharePoint 2010

PSConfig Fails with Missing / Required Error Message After Applying CU or Service Pack in SharePoint 2010

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I had this happen with a CU recently, and I saw someone that had the same problem with SP1.  You download and install some patch - a CU or service pack.  The final step after installation is to run psconfig on each server in the farm.  However, psconfig tells you that it can't proceed because one or more of the servers are missing a required patch.  It shows the server name, the patch name, and it says "Missing/Required".  The thing it says is missing though is the exact patch you just got done installing.  Frustrating, yes?

Fortunately, Sam from the UK Premier Field Engineering team had a work-around that fixed it for me, so I'm sharing it here on his behalf in the hopes that it will help you.  Try running the command Get-SPProduct –local on the server that says it's missing the required patch.  Doing so forces a timer job to run that does some version fix up.  This solved the problem for me; hope it helps you if you find yourself in this position.

  • Thank you so much, just saved me a ton of troubleshooting time!

  • Thank you very much, its really helped me.

  • This blog was of a great help! thanks!

  • Thanks! This helped me a lot! I wonder why the check isn't force when restarting psconfig... oh Microsoft...

  • Dude! Thanks! This totally saved my bacon after trying to pacth a farm with the latest Dec 2011 CU. After Cu install it said I was missing several things, but after running this command everything is hunkie-dorie! :)

  • Thank you very much! I can see th "Upgrade Available" message!!!

  • YES, THANK YOU :) saved me so much work. you made me an happy man today :)

  • Over a year later and THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Worked like a charm! Thanks for taking the time.

  • Thank you so much .. it worked for me :)

  • This works perfectly, Thanks dude for your good will...

  • Thank you very much, this solved my issues with upgrage as well.

  • This saved me time!  I had same issue where I recently installed SP2 and June 2013 CU and one server kept giving me error that it was missing required patches/updates when I know i ran the install files on this machine. Ran this scrpt and then reanalyzed the errors and everything is now clean! Thnx!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-)

  • You, sir, are a life saver. :)

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