Search connector links are a really slick feature that integrates SharePoint 2010 search with Windows 7.  When you search in a SharePoint 2010 site from a Windows 7 machine, you will see a little icon in the search results on the top left part of the results pane.  It looks like a folder with a magnifying glass over it.  When you click on it, it should prompt you and ask you want to add a connector to the current search location.  If you say yes, you will see a new Search Center shortcut in Windows Explorer.  You can click on it and then type in your query terms in the search box - the query is executed against the SharePoint Server and the results are returned and displayed right inside of Windows Explorer on your desktop.  No need to crack open the browser - very nice!

Sometimes though, you may click on the link to add the search connector and instead get the standard SharePoint error page with an "unexpected error" message and a correlation ID.  So what's up with that?  In all likelihood it means you have NOT enabled RSS feeds in the site collection where you are performing the search.  RSS feed support is required for this feature to work.  To correct it, just go into the Site Settings...Site Administration...and click on the RSS link.  Check the box to enable RSS feeds support, save your changes, and try again.  You should now be able to add your link in Windows 7.