In this post, our Dynamics CRM MVP, Roohi Shaikh introduces Windows Tablet Client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Microsoft has just released windows tablet client for CRM 2013. This is a fully operational client in contrast to the earlier mobile express. In this blog let us have a look at what the tablet client has to offer.


You can download the tablet client from

After the installation, provide the CRM Online or IFD URL to connect to your CRM Organization and see the Dashboard.

Note: Once you sign in, there are no options to change the username or the organization. You need to uninstall and re-install to connect using different credentials.


This Sales Dashboard is the same dashboard that is displayed on the web client. It is only the rendering that has changed to suit the tablet client.

Note: IFRAME and Web resources are not rendered in the tablet client and if they have been added to the dashboard they will not be rendered here.

Full-featured forms for entities

Unlike the mobile express where we had a separate type of form, Tablet client uses the same form that are designed for web interface. So there is no need to maintain separate forms.

In case of multiple entity forms that the user has access, the form which comes first in the form ordering would be displayed to the user. Users don’t have any options to switch between forms in the tablet client.


The Tablet form presents the Business Process UI similar to the web form. You also have all the ribbon button features available to Switch Process, Qualify etc. A few tablet related new options like Pin to Start and Dashboard are also available.

The Open in Browser button will open the record in a web browser. This will allow you to access web forms and any other web resources or IFRAME that have not been rendered on the tablet.

The Save button is missing from the interface. All changes made are automatically saved when you navigate out of the record.

Quickly create New Records:

You have a quick create option for all entities enabled for edit access on the tablet.



Lookup controls are provided for the dynamic filtering so that it is easy to search for the desired record.

Global Search

The most awaited feature has been delivered in the tablet client even before being included in the web client. And in that aspect Tablet client has an advantage over the web client.


You can now search records across the entities listed in the drop-down. It is currently restricted to these entities only.

Support for Offline Access:

If you lose connection with the server, it would display offline status as can be seen in the below screenshot.


It will not display the charts in the Dashboard. As it does not store records locally, only the records that were accessed earlier and cached would be available for viewing.

Entity configuration for tablet access

In the entity customizations you need to enable access to the entity through tablet client. You also have the option to allow Read-Only access which means users can only read the records for the entity. No edits or creates allowed.


Any changes made in the customization require you to close and re-open the tablet client. When you open the client it will prompt you to download the latest changes.


Privileges required

A new privilege has been added in the Business Management tab under Security Role


Enable this privilege to allow users to configure and access tablet client.

Go ahead and check out this awesome offering from the product team.

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