“Place Explorer” app for #WindowsPhone users

By Kunal Chowdhury published on 10-14-2013

Here comes my another application for Windows Phone users, named “Place Explorer”. The app is currently available in Windows Phone Store for free….(more)


What is SecureString ?

By Brij Mishra published on 10-15-2013

In this post, we are going to discuss a class SecureString. Although this class is available since .NET 2.0….(more)


Category and Sub Category in single Drop Down List (DDL) in MVC

By Abhimanyu Vatsa published on 10-17-2013

In this article you will learn how to create a Drop Down List in MVC that can display States and its associated Districts in a single Drop Down….(more)


Timeout in Regular Expressions

By Abhishek Sur published on 10-18-2013

Regular expressions are common forms of parsing a document and get meaning. It has been very popular and….(more)


Deep Dive into IntelliTrace using Visual Studio 2013 for ASP.NET & other .NET Applications

By Gouri Sohoni published on 10-21-2013

Using IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2013 helps in understanding and pinpointing any problem encountered while executing….(more)


CakeRobot - A Gesture Driven Robot That Follows Your Hand Movements Using Arduino, C# and Kinect

By Anoop Madhusudanan published on 10-22-2013

Over the last few weekends I’ve spend some time building a simple robot that can be controlled using Kinect. You can see it in….(more)


Ambiguous Reference issue in WCF RIA Service Generated Code

By Kunal Chowdhury published on 10-22-2013

Ambiguity is the ability to express more than one interpretation in normal way. This can happen in any manner; in our code too. If you are working on WCF RIA Services….(more)


Scripting the definition of computed columns

By Madhivanan JR published on 10-25-2013

One of my friends asked me if there is an easier way of knowing the definion of the computed column. Currently what he does is to script out the table definition….(more)


Different ways to export SQL Server data to text file

By Visakh Murukesan published on 10-14-2013

This blog explains few methods you can use to export data from SQL Server table to a text file….(more)


A New Version of Windows Azure Service Management API Is Available with Delete Specific Role Instances and More Goodies

By Gaurav Mantri published on 10-16-2013

As you know, each release of Service Management API has a unique version number and in order to use the features available in that version you must specify that version number….(more)


Table Hints – NoLock vs ReadPast

By Jugal Shah published on 10-16-2013

When any data in a database is read or modified, the database engine uses special type of mechanism, called locks, to maintain integrity….(more)





How to configure a trusted application server?

By Balasaheb Ilag published on 10-14-2013

I have been publishing issues and their resolution since long, today I want to take break from issue / resolution and want share….(more)


Exchange 2010: Test-IRMConfiguration Failed

By Prabhat Nigam published on 10-14-2013

After Configuring the AD RMS when you integrate ADRMS with Exchange 2010 you run the Test-IRMConfiguration Command which should pass to confirm Exchange Integration….(more)


SharePoint 2010: "This tab has been recovered, a problem with this page caused internet explorer to close and reopen this tab"

By Amardeep Singh published on 10-15-2013

Some of the user has reported that while using the SharePoint sites with IE8 they are getting above error message. Based on the above grounds we started….(more)


Exchange Server 2010 troubleshooting notes

By Ratish Nair published on 10-17-2013

Migration Issues with Mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.User is unable to Move mailboxes in Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010….(more)


Working with PowerShell Preference Variables: $OFS (Output field Separator).

By Aman Dhally published on 10-25-2013

When you open PowerShell console, type $ and start pressing ‘tab’, you will amaze that there are many pre-built variables exists ….(more)


High Availability in Azure WebRoles using Traffic Manager

By Rami Vemula published on 10-26-2013

High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) are most prominent terms we often hear in cloud computing technologies. To be precise I would say they are not….(more)





Accessing custom aspx page from MS CRM 2011 and passing EntityID

By Mahender Pal published on 10-23-2013

Recently we got one request to show custom website page in CRM from left navigation in MS CRM 2011 based on….(more)


Merge forms in CRM 2013 form customizations

By Roohi Shaikh published on 10-14-2013

If you have upgraded from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013 you may have noticed that the forms in 2013 has been redesigned with the new look. After upgrading to CRM 2013….(more)


Abstract Class and Abstract Method in Axapta

By Deepak Agarwal published on 10-17-2013

When we declare a class as abstract, this class cannot initiate in X++ code. To use this class….(more)





Perform a lookup with inexact text strings and/or spelling mistakes

By Ashish Mathur published on 10-19-2013

Any lookup function i.e., VLOOKUP(), LOOKUP(), INDEX()/MATCH(), HLOOKUP() requires the text lookup variable….(more)


Fixing 0xc00d11cd (0x8000ffff) error During XBox Music Streaming

By Soumitra Sengupta published on 10-13-2013

When I am trying to stream or,play any song via Xbox music pass , I am m getting the 0xc00d11cd (0x8000ffff) error….(more)


Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Fills for Shapes

By Geetesh Bajaj published on 10-16-2013

When you insert shapes within a PowerPoint 2013 slide, you will notice that all shapes you insert contain the same fill. Most of the time, the shapes….(more)


Improved Mail app experience in Windows 8.1

By Vasudev Gurumurthy published on 10-20-2013

As you know Windows 8.1 is recently released and with it comes more than 20 new and improved Microsoft apps and services….(more)


Fix: You can’t install Windows on a USB flash drive from Setup, when upgrading to Windows 8.1

By Shyam Sasindran published on 10-23-2013

Microsoft has recently released Windows 8.1 update that will make lots of users happy due the lot of enhancement that was promised….(more)


Nokia Lumia 2520 Hands On

By Nirmal TV published on 10-25-2013

Nokia announced their first tablet running Windows 8.1, the Nokia Lumia 2520 at the Nokia World….(more)