Username Availability Check with AngularJS in ASP.NET MVC

By Brij Dammani published on 09-16-2013

We have implemented to check username availability in ASP.NET Web Forms using jQuery Validation Plugin. In this article, we will do same thing in ASP.NET MVC, but using AngularJS….(more)


Six simple steps to run your first Azure Worker Role program

By Shivprasad Koirala published on 09-16-2013

Azure has one more type of project, Worker role. Worker role applications are background processing applications like Windows processes….(more)


Variable Scope Chain in JavaScript

By Dhananjay Kumar published on 09-17-2013

In JavaScript each function or chunk of code (for example if-else) has a scope chain. Scope chain can be seen as list of objects or….(more)


Creating dynamic object with Dynamic feature in CSharp

By Amit Choudhary published on 09-18-2013

A short brief of Dynamic objects is, Dynamic objects expose members such as properties and methods at run time, instead of in at compile time. This enables you to create objects….(more)


Sorting Paging a Grid using Knockout JS and ASP.NET Web API Data Service

By Suprotim Agarwal published on 09-18-2013

This article uses ASP.NET Web API and Knockout JS to implement Templating and Data Binding and applies it to a common Line of Business….(more)


IntelliTrace using Visual Studio 2013 Preview

By Gouri Sohoni published on 09-19-2013

IntelliTrace in Visual Studio can be effectively used to find the right information at the right time and maintain high quality code. In this article, we will walkthrough debugging….(more)


IIS7 and Higher : system.webServer element ApplicationHost.config vs Web.config

By Brij Mishra published on 09-20-2013

There is a tag named system.webServer that can be used in web.config and that allows to control authentication that is set at IIS for….(more)





Connecting to Azure Instance using SSIS

By Visakh Murukesan published on 09-15-2013

This blog post discusses two methods in SSIS which can be used for connecting to Azure instances. The attempt is to copy an on premise table along with the data….(more)


Lync Server role required for External login

By Balasaheb Ilag published on 09-16-2013

Now day’s external login is very much required because peoples are login from different location, home, remote location….(more)


One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields: SharePoint 2010

By Amardeep Singh published on 09-20-2013

Tried to deactivate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure features form the Site Collection Features and checked on the site settings page….(more)


Exchange 2007 Certificate and Coexistence

By Prabhat Nigam published on 09-20-2013

Today we will see the steps to install or replace the steps of Exchange 2007. We will also see the changes required in the co-existence….(more)


Business Process Flow in CRM 2013

By Roohi Shaikh published on 09-20-2013

The December 2012 Update of Microsoft Dynamic CRM Online introduced Business Process Flow for the OOB Lead, Opportunity and Case entities. With CRM 2013 Microsoft has extended….(more)





Format Line Chart's Markers and Line colors Using VBA

By Ashish Koul published on 09-15-2013

Change the style of marker and color using VBA….(more)


Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Space Objects Equally

By Geetesh Bajaj published on 09-16-2013

With many objects, your slide may end up looking crowded -- and that's certainly something you do not want to happen. At times though, your slide may appear cluttered….(more)


How to : List Local users MMC in Windows 8, 8.1

By Shantanu Kaushik published on 09-17-2013

This post is a step by step on How to list local users MMC in Windows 8 | 8.1 .Microsoft Management Console (MMC), is a built-in extensible common presentation….(more)


7 reasons why you should get cozy with INDEX()

By Purnachandra Duggirala published on 09-18-2013

Of all the hundreds of formulas & thousands of features in Excel, INDEX() would rank somewhere in the top 5 for me. It is a versatile, powerful, simple & smart formula….(more)


How to Install Windows Media Center on Windows 8.1

By Nirmal T V published on 09-20-2013

The new version comes with host of new features along with improvements and bug fixes. One of the main addition to Windows 8.1 is the availability of….(more)