Getting Started with Mustache.js in MVC

By Abhimanyu Vatsa published on 09-09-2013

In this post you will learn how to use Mustache.js JavaScript library in MVC for client side templating.  I will take you through few easy steps to setup….(more)


Looking into Windows authentication at Web.config and at IIS

By Brij Mishra published on 09-10-2013

First thing that there is no relation between setting authentication mode as windows at web.config and enabling/disabling….(more)


Combine Images into Facebook Style Collage in ASP.NET Web Forms

By Brij Dammani published on 09-10-2013

Facebook home page displays a collage of random profile photos which makes it something special. So I decided to implement the same thing….(more)


C# Lazy loading interview questions with answers

By Shivprasad Koirala published on 09-11-2013

Lazy loading is a concept where we delay the loading of the object unit the point where we need it. Putting in simple words on demand object….(more)


How to calculate distance between two coordinates in WindowsPhone?

By Kunal Chowdhury published on 09-12-2013

Sometime while working with map control in Windows Phone, we may need to calculate distance between two GeoCoordinates. The Windows Phone 8 SDK already provides you the required….(more)


Measure Transactions Per Second in SQL Server

By Suprotim Agarwal published on 09-12-2013

Performance Monitor tool in SQL Server represents aspects of system performance, such as CPU Usage….(more)


Get it right: null and undefined in JavaScript

By Dhananjay Kumar published on 09-13-2013

To start with null is language keyword and undefined in value of a variable. Both evaluates to value that indicates absence of….(more)





Planning Farm Topology in SharePoint 2013

By Destin Joy published on 09-09-2013

In this article we can learn various types of topology available in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint 2013 has been out for some time now, and most of the new SharePoint projects….(more)


Creating an RBAC group with access to Grant mailbox access ONLY

By Ratish Nair published on 09-09-2013

Create a new management role “Mailbox delegation Permission”. We have used “Mail recipients” as parent group for the creation….(more)


Implementing Transaction over File System Objects

By Visakh Murukesan publilshed on 09-09-2013

Its a common scenario in ETL processes to transfer files from remote location to landing folder and do some processing with them. Recently we had a requirement….(more)


Webpart security + disable web part connections– SharePoint 2010

By Amol Ghuge published on 09-11-2013

One of our developers has reported that he is trying to setup connection between two webparts but somehow the connection option is….(more)


Business Rules introduced in CRM 2013

By Roohi Shaikh published on 09-11-2013

In CRM 2013 Microsoft introduced many more interesting features one of them being Business Rules. Business Rules is a way to provide custom business logic….(more)


Windows Azure Portals and Access Levels

By Niraj Bhatt published on 09-12-2013

When you sign up for Windows Azure you get a subscription and you are made the Service administrator….(more)


The specified file is not a valid spreadsheet or contains no data to import

By Amardeep Singh published on 09-13-2013

I need to import the spreadsheet on my SharePoint site so I opened my SP site - site actions – more options – clicked on ‘Import spreadsheet’ option….(more)





Speeding up a lookup task on a large database

By Ashish Mathur published on 09-11-2013

A typical problem is fetching data from another worksheet or workbook via the VLOOKUP() function.  Quite often, when one confirms….(more)


Edit code files using SkyDrive

By Vasudev Gurumurthy published on 09-11-2013 already offers Office Web Apps, where one can view, edit & collaborate Office docs in the browser – so one can already edit text files….(more)


How to Connect to using IMAP

By Nirmal T V published on 09-13-2013

Microsoft has rolled out IMAP support for account which previously supported only POP3 or Post Office Protocol….(more)


Keyboard Sequences: PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

By Geetesh Bajaj published on 09-13-2013

Many users are familiar with keyboard shortcuts -- yet there are no real shortcuts for tasks users need to perform all the time -- this includes changing PowerPoint's views….(more)