Invocation patterns in JavaScript

By Dhananjay Kumar published on 09-03-2013

In JavaScript you can invoke a function in four different ways. In this post we will take a look on various invocation patterns….(more)


A look at extension methods and method overloading

By Adavesh Managaon published on 09-04-2013

Extension methods are a great way to inject our own methods into some other classes which greatly improve the extension of functionality, code re-use….(more)


Code coverage and Unit tests in VS2012

By Amit Choudhary published on 09-06-2013

Code coverage actually do the instrumenting of the assembly with special symbols putting over each statement and then analyse if that is being called when the code….(more)


DTExec issues in multi instance SQL Server box

By Visakh Murukesan published on 09-02-2013

There were a set of packages which were developed in SSIS 2008 R2 and which were deployed to a network share. The packages need to be executed….(more)





“Legacy Exchange Servers Decommission” Post Exchange 2013 Migration

By Prabhat Nigam published on 09-01-2013

Change the Client Access server FQDNs DNS host record to point to Exchange 2013 CAS/NLB/Windows NLB on both Public and Private DNS….(more)


Importance of RAID in Databases

By Suprotim Agarwal published on 09-06-2013

RAID systems are widely used as storage solutions to get the best I/O performance, depending whether the application is write intensive or read intensive….(more)


CRM vNext / Orion / CRM 2013/ Fall '13 Update

By Roohi Shaikh published on 09-06-2013

For the On-Premise Customers it would be an “Upgrade” from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013 similar to CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011. We still have the options to choose….(more)





Music app not working in Windows 8.1Preview Surface Pro

By Soumitra Sengupta published on 09-02-2013

I cannot stream nor download music from the music app. I recently installed win 8.1 preview on my surface pro….(more)


Calculating average of every nth value

By Purnachandra Duggirala published on 09-05-2013

Lets say you have a large list of numbers, and you want to calculate the average of every nth value. Not the average of all numbers….(more)


Bing Video Search now comes with with Pop-out Hover Preview, Improved filters, etc.

By Vasudev Gurumurthy published on 09-05-2013

Bing released a completely re-imagined video search that allows one to quickly browse, discover and view videos for anew experience. This has been designed….(more)


Different System Sleep States in Windows 8

By Anand Khanse published on 09-05-2013

When a computer is in a Sleep state, it is not performing any task and may appear to be off. But it is not shut down but retains….(more)


Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Align Shapes

By Geetesh Bajaj published on 09-06-2013

We are great believers in creative freedom, and unrequired alignment of slide objects such as shapes is probably as bad a design decision….(more)