Vijay Raj, a Setup & Deployment MVP from Bangalore, India is a popular blogger at MSIGeek where he’s recently authored a five part series to facilitate folks who plan their first steps towards Application Compatibility, These articles provide information on how to start the appcompat process in an organization (or even as an individual) and fix applications.The comprehenseive how-to articles also include corresponding screencasts.


This article will give you detailed instructions on how you can setup up the ACT 5.5 Environment, configure the Application Compatibility Manager and start the AppCompat Process. This is the first step towards solving Application Compatibility Issues with Windows 7.

In this article, you will learn how to create and deploy a Data Collection Package (DCP) to gather inventory for software, hardware, and device assets. The DCP package will start the ACT Data Collector Service to monitor the machine State. You will also learn options to schedule the Data Collection.

In this article, we will look at how to categorize and prioritize applications in the ACT report which we get from the Data Collection Packages. We will also look at how to send/receive reports to get hints and support from the Community on solving AppCompat Issues.

This Tool collects your Web-based issues from Internet Explorer 7 / Internet Explorer 8, uploads the data to the ACT Log Processing Service, and gives the details about discovered compatibility issues. It also provides you links for more information about each of this compatibility issues.

This article explains the Compatibility Administrator tool which enables you to resolve many of your potential application compatibility issues. It also explains you on how to create customized compatibility fixes, modes, AppHelp messages, and compatibility databases.