Anoop Madhusudanan, a Client App Development MVP from India, has created a Silverlight client for Scott Hanselman's Nerd dinner.

The application pulls Dinners and RSVPs from Nerd Dinner website over the oData endpoint, and show them via the Bing maps control for Silverlight. The app is available open-source.

Anoop details the development in his blog post here which also serves as a how-to on Silverlight project with following milestones:

  1. Creating a Silverlight project
  2. See how to consume oData in Silverlight
  3. Use NerdDinner oData endpoint to pull Dinners and RSVPs from our Silverlight client
  4. Show them in a Bing map using Bing’s Silverlight Map SDK by geo-coding the addresses
  5. Enable our Silverlight application to run Out of Browser


In all enthusiasm for the upcoming Windows Phone 7, he’s also done a quick port of the application for Windows Phone 7. Details here.