Mathrubhumi, a leading Malayalam newspaper, published a feature on MVPs hailing from Kerala, the southern India state.



The feature said that for the average Malayalee, Microsoft means Bill Gates, and the MVPs would be ‘Bill Gates’ own boys’. Through the colorful analogy, the feature talks about what makes an MVP, and the benefits of being one.

It highlights the profiles of eight MVPs from the state: Praveen V Nair, Sreejumon, Anand Narayanamurthy, Hariprasad, Sunil Prabhakar, Jayakrishnan K, Nibu Thomas, and Shyamlal T. Pushpan.


Hat tip to Sreejumon for sharing this and Jayakrishnan (JK) for the translation.


P.S. The feature has some factual and statistical inaccuracies. Please do not consider the piece as valid information on the program. Check for any information about the MVP Award Program in South Asia.