Welcome to the first post on the South Asia MVP Blog. First let me share the partners in crime responsible for this initiative:

groupphoto 16th Nov 2008, MVP Open Day, Goa

Yes, the MVPs were the set of people who encouraged us to setup this blog. Going forth you will also be hearing from the MVP bloggers here as guest posts.

If you are not aware of the MVP Award, please refer to the official MVP Program site.

We have the following objectives in mind for our blog:

  1. Highlight the South Asia MVP Contributions in the community
  2. Highlight the South Asia MVP bloggers and their posts
  3. Share South Asia MVP Award announcements

Like any organic being, we hope that this blog will grow and nurture on MVP contributions and the community. If you have any suggestions/ comments that you have for this blog, please feel free to share the same in the comments.

Today we would like to leave you with a small tip:

If you wanted to know what MVPs are blogging about, you can access www.indiamvps.net where we have consolidated all the South Asia MVP Blogs.