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June, 2010

  • TMG learning plan

    Wanted to share this amazing post from one of my senior colleague and friend Yuri a good collection of links and Plan to jump start your learning.
  • Ports required Between EMS and nodes :TMG 2010

    Recently I have seen many queries about the ports required between TMG EMS server and its nodes. This information is required in scenarios most of the times if there is a firewall in between EMS server and TMG nodes, to open the ports required on the...
  • TMG SP1 is released

    Friends TMG sp1 is released and you can download it from Please find release notes of TMG sp1
  • By pass ISA/TMG server Part 2

    For Direct access to work or in other words if you want to By pass the ISA/TMG server for certain websites using configuration on the ISA/TMG server then we need to understand this process in little more detail. let us first see what options we have...
  • By pass ISA/TMG server- Part1

    Issue : Web proxy clients trying to by pass the ISA Server in order to access Some websites directly are not able to by pass the ISA/TMG server and are sending requests through it. Scenario : ISA server is configured with web browser direct access...
  • Nice link for Memory dumps

    Found a nice link for memory dumps, thought of sharing with all
  • Email Protection in Forefront TMG

    While researching on a issue found this amazing post about email protection using TMG good article on edge subscription http:...