As proof of Microsoft's new emphasis on solutions-based content, I am happy to announce the publication of a new Solutions node in the TechNet Library and the publication of new solution guides.

The new Solutions node in the TechNet Library is a central place to get to solutions content, eventually for all solutions content across Microsoft.

To see the new solution guides, click Solutions, and then Solution guides at a glance in the TechNet table of contents. The new solution guides include the following:

Here is an example:


Each solution guide takes you through evaluation, planning, and deployment of an end-to-end solution with the following structure:

  • Scenario, problem statement, and goals
  • What is the recommended planning and design approach for this solution?
  • What are the high-level steps to implement this solution?

What do you think of these new solution guides? Can you follow the flow and use them now to realize these end-to-end configurations? What's missing from these guides that would be helpful to you?

We would love to get your opinion. Either comment on this blog post or send more detailed feedback to