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    March, 2013

    • The Future of IT for SMBs

      (Please visit the site to view this video) SMBs need to look beyond the classic deliverables of Cloud Computing: they need to see that it also gives them a golden opportunity to explore new ways of working, embracing collaborative applications such as IP telephony, video conferencing and presence...
    • Guest Post: Know how to make Small Businesses work as Brands

      Guest post by Martin Zine There are a variety of hurdles for small business owners who intend to develop a company with brand in mind. Of course all small business owners understand the value of brand, of how associations of being established lead to revenue growth. Yet, there are a handful of mistakes...
    • Blog: Security Essentials available in dozens of languages

      Microsoft has taken steps to mitigate potential language problems by releasing Security Essentials in more than 30 different languages. Business leaders and home PC users increasingly recognise the importance of using security software on their computers to safeguard against external attack. In...
    • Guest Blog: Don’t Try to Sell “Buy-in”

      Ever had that situation where your boss has sold you a really awful task or project and tried to dress it up as “for your own development”? You both know the job’s a dog but you play along because it was your boss that asked. How was your motivation to get that job done to the very...
    • Talking Business for the Budget 2013

      [<a href="http://blogs.technet.com//storify.com/StevenWoodgate/talkingbusiness-at-budget2013" target="_blank">View the story "#TalkingBusiness at #Budget2013" on Storify</a>]