Tired of looking in multiple locations to locate project-related documents? Why not create some Libraries, handy collections of documents, music, and multimedia files to help you find files faster and easier - no matter where they’re stored? And even better, you can use Windows Search within your Libraries to track down what you need in seconds.

Justin Bates, at Geosynthetics UK has leveraged the combined power of Windows Search and Libraries to save several minutes per day. As he puts it, “New search facilities that encompass virtual Libraries can search on network drives, not just your own.” Now he can find all the files, applications and even emails “immediately” - no matter where they are located.

For Victor Angeles, IT Manager of Integradora de Profesionistas SC, Libraries helps Victor and his team find “music, videos and other types of files - and view them in a single folder regardless of the actual location of the application [and helped] increase productivity of individuals, teams and workgroups.”

In other words - the words of Ashu Raina of APRA Engineering Services, “Search and Libraries can work individually or together to give employees immediate access to the data, files, and information they need. They are tremendous productivity boosters.” With Windows 7 Professional Libraries, you can automatically group similar types of documents like financial records, proposals, or sales sheets into a single location, making it easier than ever to find what you need - even if files are stored in different folders or on separate PCs. Couple that with Windows Search, which populates your search screen with pertinent suggestions as soon as you start typing, and you’ll improve organisation and boost productivity like never before.

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