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About Microsoft's Small Business Blog

About Microsoft's Small Business Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Microsoft Small Business blog.

We set up this blog to talk to you about the small business world from the perspective of people here at Microsoft - and so that you can talk to us back!  We aim to cover a number of technology-related areas, such as online marketing, networking, hardware and, of course, our software. 

You can have your say on any of our blog entries simply by clicking on Comments beneath each post.  Whether you like what we're doing or disagree with any of our points, please feel free to express your thoughts.  We are very interested in what have you to say.  You can also get in touch with us by sending a message via the online Contact Form.    .

We hope that you will find our blog useful and interesting!

And if you like what you read on our Small Business Blog take a look at our Small Business page on our Business website. You'll find a wealth of advice, hints, tips and information to help you and your business. Whether you're just starting-up or whether you're a growing business, you'll find resources to make your business day smoother and more productive.

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