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Opening Day

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Welcome to my first forray into the world of blogging.  Surprisingly easy to set up, I've spent more time worrying about what to write than it took to create the site in the first place.  If you haven't given blogging any thought, I encourage you to start one today.

I should first give credit to Jason Waskey for the continual pestering it took to get me to jump on this.  I also want to pay homage to all the other Flight Simulator Bloggers who have come before me:

Thanks for taking a leadership role in this area!

I'm not going to spend a lot of time right off the bat with Jack Handy material, but I do want to say what a pleasure it is to work with such a fine bunch of folks on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Team.  I've had the advantage of being part of the Test, Development and now Program Management organizations, all on Flight Simulator, and through these transitions I've gained valuable insight into how each of these teams work.  With this knowledge, and the previous experience I have from the Aerospace Industry, I aim to significantly change the way we work with the Flight Simulator Community.  The majority of my posts here will be work related, but the occasional personal tid bit will no doubt find it's way into my ramblings.

Thanks - and boy does it feel good to finally be part of the 21st Century!



  • Do you mean "Stuart Smalley" instead of "Jack Handy"?


  • Welcome to the party, Z!! I'll add your blog to my ever growing list of FS bloggers in the A.M. :-)



  • Welcome to the bloggin' party, Z! Is "skyhawk" from the type of aircraft you fly most?



  • Hey Z!

    Nice to see ya here.

  • Z-

    welcome on this train of new technology! I myself just started doing this, and was fortunate to get some people to notice it! :-)

    Please accept my congrats again for being so forthcoming with everything! Looking forward to reading more "Jack Handy" thoughts ;-).

  • Hi Z, just dropping in to say hello! :-)

    Cheers, H../

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