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  • Blog Post: Data Sources Dedicated Disk Volumes

    I think everyone understands that it’s not possible to select a specified disk from the DPM storage pool as a target disk for a specific protection group, however we can always move data between disks as far as the same DPM server has access to both disks. Lets suppose we have ten protection groups and...
  • Blog Post: DPM 2010 RTM!!!

    It is a bit late to announce, however that is just due to my blog’s maintenance! Finally this day has arrived ob the 19th of April. It has been so long in the making, and yet it seems like time flew by. Check out the official blog announcing the RTM launch:
  • Blog Post: DAGs Protection Hints – DPM 2010

    DPM 2010 provides node based protection so the state of the database on the node - whether it is an Active copy or a Passive copy of the Exchange 2010 DB does not matter. The state of the database may switch back and forth from Active to Passive, but DPM will continue to protect the DB as long as the...