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  • Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #10

    I mainly spent this week at a conference in Las Vegas, IT Edge, along with Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley and Mark Minasi along with some other Microsoft folks. However here is what floated my Windows and Enterprise Mobility boat this week:

    Nerding out with Surface Book

    This week Milad Aslaner and I took the Channel 9 studio to nerd out about the Surface Book for Inside Windows. It’s super-cool to get inside the hardware with someone responsible for making this the ultimate laptop. I learnt all about NVMe, the Pen and the custom UEFI in the device. Watch Inside Windows to find out more.

    Azure AD Domain Services, now available in Europe

    I got to spend time with Mahesh, the engineer behind Domain Services a couple of weeks ago and now the Domain Services has been enabled in the European Azure Regions!

    Using a hypervisor to secure your desktop – Credential Guard in Windows 10

    Credential Guard in Windows 10 enterprise is one of those things that pushes Windows 10 to one of the most protected operating systems ever made. Ben, who you probably know is awesome, is one of the key people behind Hyper-V and he’s detailed in this video just how it works. Really cool.

    The complete guide for troubleshooting Azure AD Application Proxy

    Most of our jobs is about fixing things that went wrong. You might encounter some things that went wrong with Azure AD Application Proxy at some point and this really helpful paper will guide you through the troubleshooting process. Save it in your document library for the next time you need to search for a fix.

    Ops Team Episode 2 “Ricks Finger”

    Loving making this show with the rest of my team, hope you enjoy it too:

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  • 15+ killer Windows 10 resources for IT admins

    There are a lot of resources available to you, so you can get a better understanding of Windows 10’s enterprise benefits for your organization. My goal in this post is to help you navigate these different resources, so you can quickly find what you need in the format you need it in.  If you have questions or suggestions on how to make this better, please leave me a comment on this post or tweet me @simonster (don’t forget to follow me).



    There are a lot of quick, 20-30-minute videos highlighting how-tos and demos of Windows 10 Enterprise. We’ve even created two pages on our beloved Ch9 to help. Here are my thoughts on how and when to go to these pages.

    All Windows all the time: this page is where we are highlighting every video regardless of the job you do about Windows 10.  It includes content from sessions at flagship events like Ignite and //BUILD, videos from other series, and even highlights for developers as they are building on the Windows 10 platform. It’s easy to quickly review, so if you want to be in the first in the know on all things Windows 10, bookmark this page and check back often.

    I’m also am beginning work on topic specific playlists. September and October’s focus, for me, was Windows 10 Enterprise Security. Check it out and stay tuned for upcoming topics include data loss prevention, application compatibility, and management.

    Virtual Labs

    If you have 90 minutes and are looking for a hands-on experience, I recommend a tour through our virtual labs. There is no complex setup or requirements, so they are great to also share with co-workers that you think need to get up to speed, and hey you always look great when you’re sharing this stuff!

    The IT Pro Try-It-Out-Lab is for schools and education institutions, but still provides a great hands-on experience on how to upgrade devices from Window 7 to Windows 10, and then how to manage devices, apps and users.

    My other favorites tell you what you need to know in the title. But if you want more details, click the link it will take you to a details page – it won’t actually launch a lab, but that’s only another click.

    On-Prem and Cloud App and data protection with Azure RMS

    Azure Active Directory Fundamentals

    Device Management with Microsoft Intune

    Free (and some $$$) e-books

    Videos are great for in-the-background learning but, for some, nothing replaces an in-depth e-book. And Microsoft Press has put together some invaluable resources. They highlight real word scenarios all while giving you no-nonsense guidance on the how and why. They help you be more articulate in the solutions you want to champion in your organization, and are also great to reference in your conversations with your boss. Here are my current favorites:

    Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Preview Edition (free) Ed Bott (the author) is putting the finishing touches on the final release of this book (the version above is the preview edition.) To be the first to know make sure you follow the Born to Learn blog– or check back here. I consider Ed to be a friend and this book totally nails it!

    Windows 10 Inside Out (Available in Nov – $39.99 ebook) ebook retail $39.99. This one is great (again it’s from that Ed guy) and it goes wayyyy deeper.

    Enterprise Mobility Suite Managing BYOD and Company-Owned Devices ($19.99 ebook). This book is not specifically Windows 10, but it goes inside much of the modern management infrastructure components you need. There is a pattern here, although I promise there’s nothing in it…Yuri and Jeff (the authors) are friends of mine too, you’ll see me interviewing them on that page at Microsoft Ignite.

    Free Online Training

    I’m shocked at how many people I’ve meet that still have never heard of our free online training site, Microsoft Virtual Academy (or MVA for short, as you know we love acronyms here at MSFT  ). They have hours and hours of online deep technical training to help prepare you for Windows 10 Enterprise and to also get you ready to take on Enterprise mobility. I won’t share a lot of details as the modules are each explained in detail and you can create the learning path that’s right for you and your skill set. People actually come up to me on a regular basis and thank me for this training, which I love. Strangest place so far is in the bathroom at a Taylor Swift concert!

    Get Started with Windows 10 for IT Professionals

    Enterprise Mobility Core Skills – Prepare you mobile environment for Windows 10


    Are you ready to begin building your prep-prod lab or to start deployment? There’s a lifecycle that my Microsoft counterparts have put together on Windows TechCenter on TechNet. It contains some similar content that I reference above but also has a lot more tools to help you prepare your Enterprise for deployment, including detailed Windows 10 deployment scenarios, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Windows 10 ADK, Plan for volume activation, and more.


    Please add your comments below.  I’d definitely like to know if this information was helpful, and what else I can do to help you find the resources you need!

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  • How and When to Consider Azure RemoteApp

    Microsoft Azure RemoteApp helps make your applications more widely available, on different devices regardless of if your end users are at work or not. While you may be enabling a solution like this today, think of all the time you could save (and how much you could save your business) if you could minimize complexity of your on-premises RDS deployments. To provide further details, I’ve selected two videos for you (one short for between meetings) and a longer one so you can go deep.

    Short: Understanding AzureRemote App

    The first video is about 15 minutes long, and in it, Eric Orman, Senior Program Manager for Azure RemoteApp, discusses what Azure RemoteApp can do in a real world use case: Publishing QuickBooks 2015 as a RemoteApp. He also explains when to consider Azure RemoteApp in the cloud vs. hybrid.

    Go Deep: Azure RemoteApp Core Skills

    If you have 2 hours and would like to deep dive into Azure RemoteApp with tons of technical demos, watch this Microsoft Virtual Academy free online training with Brad Anderson, Eric Orman and me.

    Azure RemoteApp

    More resources

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  • Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #8

    Azure AD Domain Services, The Ops Team, Azure AD Application Proxy, Password Cracking and Nested Virtualization

    This week, one of the largest tech companies on the planet, Dell, bought one of the largest storage companies on the planet, EMC, and one of Microsoft’s leading enterprise mobility competitors decided to buy an email client that’s not cross platform (doh!). That said those two events only get an honorable mention in my Friday Five this week. Why? Well some things that should really matter to those of us trying to protect our user’s productivity matter much more…

    Azure AD Domain Services

    Last week I got to hang out and record an Azure AD and Identity show all about Azure AD Domain Services. If you haven’t heard the news…you don’t need to build Domain Controllers in Azure any longer to get domain services. Wait. What? That’s right, Azure AD Domain Services takes objects synchronized from your on-prem Active Directory to an Azure AD and projects a service onto an Azure vNet that servers think is Active Directory.

    With this you can domain join your Windows Servers and they’ll experience all the Kerberos authentication goodness you’re used to. You might want to learn more about it in just 10 minutes by watching the show.

    The Ops Team

    My team and I are also spinning up another new, weekly show where we are going to bring you folks the latest in IT and DevOps news, with our unique spin on it. It’s going to be fun, you’ll learn, you’ll laugh. The show is four guys in a room shooting the breeze and dissecting each other’s news: David covers DevOps, Rick covers Azure, Matt covers Data Center and I cover Windows and Enterprise Mobility. Check out the kick-ass intro below:

    Don’t forget to check out the first show!

    Azure AD Application Proxy Updates

    Azure AD Application Proxy is probably one of my favorite parts of Azure AD, because it’s such a versatile problem solver! The guys made some great updates this last week including moving all the previous preview features to GA, supporting Remote Desktop publishing, supporting complex network topologies and Kerberos with SPNego.

    25-GPU cluster cracks every standard Windows password in <6 hours

    This Ars article caught my eye this week, a cracking super-cluster was created that can significantly reduce the time for a dictionary attack to occur on a PC. Scary stuff. Read the article and the comments to get informed…of course you’re reading this so you probably already know you need to be moving beyond passwords for user access. Your security posture is going to be significantly improved if you enable simple things like Azure MFA, Microsoft Passport for Work and Windows Hello for biometrics.

    Nested Virtualization in Windows 10

    Heck, we all build labs, and this is going to make that easier. I’ve been asking for it internally for years and now we have it, done right: Nested Virtualization. There are actually some really cool security features in Windows 10 that take advantage of this tech.

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  • Azure AD and Identity Show: Azure AD B2C (Business to Consumer)

    In this episode of the In this episode of the Azure AD and Identity Show, your host, Simon May talks to Stuart Kwan of the Identity Division about how Azure AD B2C can help you manage consumer identity-based access (Facebook, Microsoft, Google and more) to you Azure AD making it much easier to implement identity in all your apps.

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