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  • Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility

    The top 5 things in enterprise mobility this week: Privileged ID Management with Azure AD, Windows 10 as a Service, Windows 10 direct from the engineering leaders and Brad Anderson’s lunch break with Todd Bishop of Geek Wire

    This week’s Friday Five is a little bit late because I’ve been travelling through time to arrive here in Auckland, New Zealand for Ignite NZ next week. That said there was still lots of awesome this week:

    Feeling privileged around Azure AD: Azure AD Privileged Identity Management: Security Wizard, Alerts, Reviews

    There’s an amazing amount of new stuff available in this preview of privileged Id management, even if you aren’t sure where to get started there’s a wizard that will help you out. You get deep insight into what privileged accounts are being used when and why, you’ll also have the capability to enable Azure MFA for specific use of privileged accounts (which is pretty darn cool), security alerts and reviews. There’s so many things available that you should probably schedule some time to sit down with your security people and walk through it all together!

    Great Windows 10 information: Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson Windows 10 Special with Jim Alkove

    Brad Anderson and I spent some time interviewing Jim Alkove, Windows Enterprise and Security engineering leader to learn more about Windows 10 and what’s in it for IT. It was a really informative chat with lots of useful info and totally worth 20 minutes of your time to get educated.

    FREE training: Preparing your enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service

    I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in past Friday Five’s but the Jump Start is now available on demand, it’ll take a little longer than watching the video with Jim above but we do go much deeper on Windows 10 as a service and what it’s going to mean to IT. (Hint: you need to think about deployment rings)

    Wee ooo, start me up! This week was Windows 95’s 20th birthday

    This one makes me feel very old, I remember standing in line for my copy of the Windows 95 upgrade CD in Leicester high street in the UK, man I was excited. So was everyone else!

    Something fun: Brad Anderson’s lunch break with Todd Bishop of Geek Wire

    Every week I try to find something that made me giggle and this certainly did the job…especially when Brad steps on the “gas”! Take some time out of your day and enjoy.

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  • Endpoint Zone Episode 10: Windows 10!

    In this Episode of The Endpoint Zone, Brad Anderson (CVP Enterprise Mobility and Client Management, Microsoft) and Simon May talk about Windows 10 with special guest star Jim Alkove, CVP Windows Enterprise and Security. There are lots of nuggets in this super-informative 20-minute episode, but here are some highlights:

    • First up, a new, fun video series! [00:49]
    • Introducing Jim Alkove [02:00]
    • Where does an IT guy need to spend his time with Windows 10 [02:50]
    • Thinking about internal deployment “rings” [05:00]
    • You don’t need to upgrade everything to go to Windows 10 [08:00]
    • With Windows 10 your management needs to run “as a service” i.e. rapid update cadence [09:00]
    • Prepare your enterprise for Windows as a Service Jumpstart [09:40]
    • Windows 10 security features [10:00]
    • Windows Hello (face unlock) and demo [11:00]
    • Single Sign On to Office 365 and other cloud apps with Azure AD [12:50]
    • How do the Windows and Configuration Manager teams work together [15:08]

    Useful links from this episode:

    Read Brad’s blog, Simon’s Blog, the Microsoft Intune blog, Configuration Manager blog and

    Remember to follow Brad and Simon on Twitter.

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  • Preparing your enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service, free training

    Watch this Microsoft Virtual Academy Jump Start to learn how to take advantage of Windows 10 as a Service and what the implications are for your organization. This course discusses Windows Updates, Servicing, Windows 10 Deployment and Windows Insiders in considerable depth.

    This just landed in my inbox and it’s too exciting not to share. We’ve just published the wildly popular (I get the stats) Preparing your enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service Jump Start on Microsoft Virtual Academy. In this Jump Start, I talk to Bill Karagounis, one of the engineering leaders at Microsoft behind the Windows Insiders program about some of the ways the program works. We chat about why Windows Insiders and the feedback they give are so important to the product team before Bill dives into why it’s so important the IT really understand what we’re doing Windows as a Service (and why, hint it’s your feedback). Next Michael Niehaus dives into how you get on the Windows 10 train!

    Michael explains how Windows 10 has changes deployment and spells out your myriad options. There really is a deployment model now for every different scenario you could face.

    Michael and I also explain how updates work in Windows 10 and what your options are for managing updates including WSUS, Windows Update for Business and Configuration Manager and some of the capabilities that MDM brings to the party too.

    Win 10 course is now available On Demand

    To give you a little “insider” knowledge about this course, while we were filming a small but totally crucial piece of equipment had a power failure. Michael and I had to stay behind and re-record the section that went into this on-demand version and I think it turned out a little better than the live version, the advantage of a second chance!

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  • Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobilitiy

    Friday Five gives you the top five things you need to know for this week that happened in the world of Windows and Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft, from Simon May, Microsoft Technical Evangelist. In this week’s roundup: Outlook for iOS (Now with RMS!), RSAT for Windows 10, MDT 2013 Update 1, Can identical twins fool Windows Hello, Intune Managed Browser.

    The Friday five

    The best email client for enterprise mobility just got better: Outlook on iOS with RMS Support

    This is kind of a big deal. Outlook on iOS now has support for RMS-protected documents directly within the app. You might not be able to see why that’s such a big deal so let me spell it out. Outlook on iOS can be managed through Microsoft Intune and you can set policy so that a user needs to enter a PIN to enter Outlook and that Outlook can only transfer work data to other work apps (the app is dual persona so personal email isn’t affected, pretty cool). Now however when you receive an email and it’s encrypted you can read it and access any RMS-protected files.

    New tool: RSAT for Windows 10

    Last week we did a Jump Start for MVA where one of the top questions was: “when are the RSAT tools for Windows 10 coming out”. We couldn’t give you an answer, but they are out now. If you are asking what is RSAT, it’s the Remote Server Administration Tools that allow you to manage Windows Servers from your Windows 10 client.

    More new tools: MDT 2013 Update 1 Released

    If you’re going to deploy Windows 10 then you are probably going to use the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to do it. This week MDT 2013 Update 1 was released to allow you to do just that, tons of fixes and changes went in but most notable is the ability to run an in-place upgrade rather than requiring a wipe-and-load to move up to Windows 10 replace the OS.

    Amazing read: Windows Hello: can identical twins fool Microsoft and Intel?

    I’ve started using Windows Hello with an Intel RealSense camera to log into my PC every day. IT’s an amazing technology and it’s great to see people putting it to the test! Windows Hello: can identical twins fool Microsoft and Intel?

    Community article that I’ve enjoyed most this week: Microsoft Intune Managed Browser

    The managed browser is available for iOS and Android to help IT control which sites open in a browser that has the full trust of other organization apps provided by Intune. This article by MVP Peter van der Woude explains it really well.

    I need your help! I’m running a straw poll about trusing your employer not to snoop on your BYO device. Can you help? Here’s the poll.

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  • Friday Five: Enterprise Mobility

    Hey folks, just trying a new experiment to see if I can start a very short, five item round up of the week most weeks. Here’s what had me excited this week in Enterprise Mobility and Windows:

    Best thing we announced this week

    • Windows 10 devices can auto-enroll into Microsoft Intune for MDM management when they join Azure AD. The Azure AD Team released some notes on how to do that on the AD Blog

    2nd Best thing we announced this week

    • It was a big week for identity and we released some details on how the Azure AD and Microsoft Account programming models are converging on the AD blog.

    My highlight of the week

    •  Presenting the “Preparing Your Enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service” Jump Start with Michael Niehaus and Bill Karagounis. Lot’s of people have asked on twitter when it’ll be live on-demand. Subscribe to this blog on the right to find out first!

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    Something funny

    • This hilarious tweet from Mark Russinovich:

    Something to make you think

    One year without a case of Polio in Africa is truly an incredible, life changing milestone for millions.

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