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  • Blog Post: PDC10 for the IT Professional – the view from #ukpdc10

    I love it when we put on a good show, geeks, streams, quizzes, phones and most importantly TECH!  Last night we played host to a whole bunch of people at the Microsoft Campus in Reading who all left happy (twitter says so # ukpdc10 ) and who all learnt some new stuff about Azure , Windows Phone...
  • Blog Post: Technology to Support Consumerisation: IPSec

    A technology that’s been around for quite some time is IPSec, it helps to ensure security of communications between two network devices.  With IPSec in place two devices need to establish a peer-to-peer trust before communication can take place, it’s kind of like having a secret handshake. If your...
  • Blog Post: DNSSEC explained beautifully by Mark Minasi

    DNS security and the way to spoof and poison DNS is a pretty complicated area.  Luckily we have DNSSEC which can help to resolve the issues quite simply.  It’s an area that I needed to understand a bit more about and as I happened to be doing so I found this video with Mark Minasi.  Oh...