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    When you read all the wonderful marketing hyperbole around the cost savings that cloud can help your CIO make, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were one of those cost savings. With a little thought, however, you’ll see that this technology change isn’t going to make you a pointless...
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    Securing and managing the devices that users take for granted when accessing the cloud is top of mind for IT Professionals everywhere and there are lots of solutions to make things more secure. What about desktops PCs? Everyone in the desktop world is accustomed to managing, patching, remote controlling...
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    There is a simple way to answer that, Microsoft has “lots” to offer in the cloud, arguably a more complete and coherent set of products than anyone else but then I would say that I’m an employee.  From a product viewpoint there are a myriad of offerings like Windows Azure , SQL Azure , Office 365...