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    The new Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer 11 helps to fix your LoB web app compatibility issues, unblocking your ability to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Read on to learn out how and why… There is a revolution underway in enterprise IT, characterized by the BYOD trend but strongly contrasted...
  • Blog Post: How to migrate from IE6 to IE8

    A couple of days ago I blogged about how you shouldn’t be slowing down your migration plans to wait for IE9 .  DON’T WAIT.  Go to IE8 life will be easier for you. If you’re looking for great advice on the IE6 to IE8 migration then this Springboard live event is probably for you: Migrating from...
  • Blog Post: Application not found

    A very nice chap just wrote to Rachel asking for help with a problem* I think a few other people must have experienced so often so I thought I’d share how to fix it.  I just hope I’ve got it right from the problem description.  When clicking a link in an application, like your email program...