In this deployment sessions video I take a look at the Deeplinking process using Windows Intune to install an app on Windows 8. The deeplinking process essentially lets you place apps from the Windows Store in your own company store, or Company Portal – essentially letting you curate the best Windows Store apps for your users. You don’t need the code just a link to the app in the Windows Store, so there is nothing for you to store on your servers or in your cloud and the app publisher keeps the app up to date through the Windows Store.

The videos is, as always, split into sections:

  1. Find the app in the Windows Store – admin side [00:17]
    1. Get a ink to the app [00:44]
  2. Create the app in Windows Intune – admin side [01:14]
    1. Add the app [01:25]
    2. Deploy the app [02:31]
  3. Enroll the Windows 8 device into Windows Intune – user side [03:54]
  4. Install the app [07:55]



The Deployment Sessions-008: Deeplinking a Windows Store & Installing on Windows 8 Using Windows Intune

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