In this Deployment Sessions video I take a look at how to use Windows Intune to Sideload a Windows 8 app or Appx package (formerly metro app) onto a Windows 8 Enterprise device. Sideloading is the process of taking the appx package form the developer and loading the app onto the device without submitting the app to the store, so it’s the process commonly used for Line of Business (LoB) apps.

The videos is, as always, split into sections:

  1. Create the App in Windows Intune, IT Pro view [00:33]
    1. Add the software to Windows Intune [00:51]
    2. Configure how the app appears on the company portal [01:35]
    3. Deploy the app to end users [02:30]
  2. Enrol Windows 8 Enterprise devices into Windows Intune, End user view [02:57]
    1. Browse to [03:00]
    2. Install the client software from Windows Intune [03:57]
    3. Go to the Company Portal [05:06]
    4. Install the Company Portal Modern App [05:56]
    5. Launch the Company Portal [06:18]
  3. Install the Sideloaded app [07:00]
The Deployment Sessions–007: How To Sideload on Windows 8 Enterprise from Windows Intune

To create the app that I used for sidelaoding I went to ZipApp  and created a simple app for free, then used the package created by Visual Studio in this video.

A couple of other technical notes, I was using Windows 8 Enterprise, which doesn’t require a sideloading key to sideload apps, if you want to use Windows 8 Pro then subscribe to the rss feed and take a look at future videos in this series. My AD has the required GPOs for sideloading enabled too.

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