So far in this series we’ve looked at Sideloading and deeplinking apps using System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and Windows Intune linked together. In this and the next few videos we’ll take a look at using Windows Intune only, in isolation from Configuration Manager. This will be the preferred method for those companies that want to sideload a LoB application but don’t want to deploy Config Manager.

This video is split into sections:

  1. The  admin side, setting up Windows Intune for deploying to Windows RT [0:26]
    1. Configure the Mobile Device Authority [0:49]
    2. Configure DNS for the enrollment server address [01:09]
    3. Add Sideloading Keys [01:30]
    4. Add a code-signing certificate [01:48]
  2. The admin side, setting up the app [02:25]
    1. Create and upload the appx package [02:45]
    2. Edit the appx package [04:49]
    3. Deploy the sideloaded app to our users [05:21]
  3. The end user experience, enrolling the device [06:00]
    1. Enroll the Windows RT device into Windows Intune and install the Company Portal app from the Windows Store [06:01]
  4. The end user experience, installing the sideloaded app [08:09]
    1. Install the sideloaded app from the Company Portal and run it [08:09]
The Deployment Sessions–006: Sideloading on Windows RT with Windows Intune

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