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I’m now an MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate)

I’m now an MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate)

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Find the MTA certification path that meets your needs 

A few minutes ago I rocked over to the ultra high tech Microsoft Learning centre and took a few exams, just for some Friday fun…I might need help!  I’ve always been a big fan of certification (when it’s done right).  I started on the road to MCSE in NT4 back in the day, completed that, upgraded to 2000 and have kept things going since then.  There have been lots of changes to the programme though over the past decade (GULP!) and we now have a set of exams designed for the new crop of IT Professional entering the business out of the academic world.  The MTA.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification helps schools teach and validate fundamental technology knowledge [and] provides students with a foundation for their careers

That’s a pretty darn important thing in the ultra competitive market and I thought it was a great idea when I was at Uni to do my MCSE to get me real world experience – I then rocked into a better job for more money than most of my peers.  Nice.

What I can say having just taken the exams is that they’re pitched at about the right level, they aren’t super deep dive exams that require the depth of experience of a seasoned IT Professional but they are exams that let you demonstrate to an employer that you’ve got more of a grasp of Networking fundamentals and Security fundamentals than you might just get by attending some lectures.  The Windows Server 2008 exam was actually quite tricky, offering up some more complicated Active Directory Directory Services questions that you wouldn’t be able to answer without some real world experience.  To my mind that would make it a perfect exam to round out an industrial placement or internship year.

If you’re an employer looking at a candidate with these exams you can rest assured that your not just getting someone who’s sat through some lessons.

I took:

  • Networking Fundamentals: Exam 98-366
  • Security Fundamentals: Exam 98-367
  • Windows Server Administration Fundamentals: Exam 98-36

But there are developer and C# focused exams too to prove your skills.

As a result I can now add this logo to my business cards and blog and I’ve got a greater chance of standing out.

If you want more info on the MTA program and how it builds into the MCTS exams then check out the Microsoft Learning website

  • To do those exams did you do any prep? And if so what?

  • I took the security fundamentals exam. Not too technical, but there was the odd question required a bit more thinking.

    This sums the exams up well.

  • These exams are great lead sinto the Microosft Certified Professional exams.

    There are free Exam Resource Kits available if the institution that you are with has an MTA site license.  There are two publishers (CCI & Wiley) that are publishing or are about to publish books to support these exams.

  • Graeme,

    I've got over 10 years experience so I'd expect to be able to go through them with little prep and talking about the subject matter of the exams is my day job so I didn't need to do any.  However the way I'd suggest prepping is to look at the exam content, then cross reference it with TechNet for learning content and the TechNet library to understand specifics.  That's always stood me in good stead, and it's what I do for Beta exams - where there is no prep materials avaialble.

    Hope that helps


  • hey, i hv also qualified mta 98 366 exam...will u plz tell me hw would i get its certificate?they r asking for sm windows id...if u an help me in getting my certificate....

  • Hi Simon,

    iam very much interested to complete MTA, could you please provide me the material.,my mail id


  • could you please furnish me with the material, my mail is

  • Yes  please :)

  • Im very keen to become certified and have been looking at what the MTA covers and its seem like the perfect place to start. If there are any materials  (aside from Technet) that you would suggest looking at id greatly appreciate any tips:

    My email is


  • Hello, I am a student, failed my mta exam today- 60%. Please bestow study materials upon me.

  • i am interested to do MTA in web development applications, could you please provide me the study materials if any

  • Hi Simon,

    Could you please share the Study materials with me as well. Email id:

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • I am also interested in the study material. Pls could you send it to me via my email

  • Studying for the MTA as well sir. Could you please lend a helping hand with your study materials.  Thanx

  • Hi Simon,

    Could you please share any MTA study material you have with me please. Many thanks.

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