I was just browsing around our internal sites and found this excellent white paper on Solutions for Virtualising Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), what amazed me was that it was externally available.

If you’ve got some applications that rely on IE6 (like the British government) and you need to go Windows 7 (Left hugEVERYONE NEEDS to go Windows 7! Right hug) and IE6 compatibility is slowing you down or bloating your deployment project costs, or if it’s a show stopper, then this papers got great advice.  It covers solutions like:

  • MED-V which is part of MDOP
  • XP mode (which no longer needs a processor capable of virtualisation)
  • Terminal Servcies

And it weighs up the pros and cons of each, the licensing considerations, system requirements and just about anything you can think of.  I’m currently building a list of essential reading and learning for desktop deployment and this just made the list.

If you can think of any other creative ways of doing it, let me know.

Get the whitepaper: Solutions for Virtualising Internet Explorer