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  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic SPSRichmond

    I had put this comic together for team hosting SharePoint Saturday Richmond, and thought I would post it up here as well.  If you need one for your event, feel free to reach out and I can put one together for you.   Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint eMagazine

    Earlier this year (yes, I’m behind in blogging) a special magazine was released by the Dutch Information Workers User Group: SharePoint eMagazine .  Fantastic content around SharePoint 2010, so be sure to download a copy. I created a special comic for the magazine.  The comic included in the...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic Server Security

      I created this comic for Joel Oleson to use in his Tech Ed presentation .  Cross-Posting it here after the fact, mainly because I have been too busy to create a new comic.  :)
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – SPC09

    This is the comic that I wore on my t-shirt today at the SharePoint Conference in Nevada (ok ok… Vegas)
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic The SharePointGuy

      As SharePoint 2010 (version 4) is close to hitting a release date, I think its safe to assume that SharePoint is now a  mature server product.  However, more often than not, companies are still failing to properly staff their departments to support and leverage their SharePoint farm...
  • Blog Post: ShareComic – SharePoint Consultant

  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – History of Governance

    ShareComic – History of Governance     SharePoint is powerful.  With power comes responsibility… If you don’t implement SharePoint Governance, you are asking for trouble – plain and simple.  Your environment and its users will emulate 12 drunken Chickens trying to assemble a Lego...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic SharePoint Circus

    Having a rough SharePoint Day?  Cheer it up with the SharePoint Circus Chant (to the tune of Madagascar3)
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic ShareTax

  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic Error GUID

    We’ve all been in the situation where we are expected to know why SharePoint is acting up.  Majority of the time, it takes a little bit of looking into the problem.  And the ULS Logs are the first place you should start looking. Spencer Harbar has a great post about the ULSViewer, which greatly...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Grumpy Cat

  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic Cloud

    Cloud - it's the latest buzz word.  Even my non-technical girl friend has asked me “what is this cloud I keep hearing about?”. SharePoint Online is not a new service, but with Office 365, SharePoint in the cloud is getting some new attention.  Office 365 is currently in beta, and here are some...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – SharePoint Brand Name

    ShareComic   Last November I wrote a post about SharePoint, the evolution of it’s names, and the historical path of its technology.  You can view it here: SharePoint - a product of many names .  To quote the article: “I just hope that the next version will retain the name, with only an...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – SharePoint 64-bit

    Good-bye Mr. 32-bit – you aren’t big enough for this school yard… I have been telling clients for the past year that any future hardware they purchase (in relation to SharePoint) should be 64-bit. Why? Because the vNext was going to only be 64-bit; this has been documented in different places but now...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic Launch Party

    Today was the official launch day of SharePoint 2010 along with Office 2010. Exciting times!  If you happened to miss a Launch Party (how could you have, there were real parties and virtual parties!), you can watch some recorded videos here: .   Also, my friend...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – SharePoint Rock Star

    When I was in Atlanta for SharePoint Saturday I got the chance to hang out with Lee Reed.  Lee’s screencasts and my blog articles have been overlapping each other at  If you get the chance, you should check out some of his articles . Lee sent me this comic yesterday,...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – Document Timeline

    ShareComics – Document Timeline
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comics – Comics on SharePoint

    I like to think I’m a funny guy.  Well, I always make 1 person laugh at least (I do count as one person right?). I was reading some comics at Office OFFline by David Salaquinto (be sure to check out David’s - he’s got some great stuff!).  David was nice enough to provide a Visio template (that...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – SP2 Bug

    Oops, what happened to my license? Service Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2007 will inadvertently activate the expiration date of your SharePoint implementation.  Everything will be ‘okay’, but your users won’t be able to access the SharePoint sites 180 days from the time of the Service Pack install...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – SharePoint Easter Egg

    ShareComic – SharePoint Easter Egg Thanks to all who have enjoyed the comics so far.  The series was featured today over at Get The Point (very cool!).  Laughter is the best way to get through life!  Even when working (IMO).  Have a happy holiday this weekend!
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – Unexpected Error

  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – Community Politics

    Just because laughter is the best way to get through the day…  If you aren’t on twitter, SCUM = SharePoint Community Union Members. 
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic – Version Control

    ShareComics – Version Control
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Comic 2010 Information