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Can’t connect to Outlook in SharePoint 2013? – just hit F5

Can’t connect to Outlook in SharePoint 2013? – just hit F5

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By now you may have noticed some inconsistency with the “connect to Outlook” button in SharePoint 2013.  Sometimes it seems to work, other times you may see this “control is current disabled” message below. 



In some cases that message may be legit, but most of the time it’s just an unfortunate side effect of one of 2013’s coolest new features – the Minimal Download Strategy.  I won’t go into details of that feature here because there’s quite a few good posts on that already floating around the webs (here’s Bill Baer’s introduction, for example, and Wictor Wilén also has a good one here).   So instead I figured I’d just take a few minutes to share one of the simplest workarounds of all time:  refresh the page.   No, seriously, just hit F5 & try it again. 


Hey, look at that, it’s back!

At this point you may be tempted to go into site features & disable the Minimal Download Strategy, but I’d strongly encourage you to resist that urge.  Again, the MDS is pretty darn cool.  I get that most of us probably won’t figure out the workaround right away & some frustration may ensue, but with a little conditioning we can probably all learn to live with this inconvenience.  Once you’ve hit that button once, you’re good to go.  But still, I feel your pain, it’s a usability thing, so I went ahead & submitted this “quirk” for evaluation.    I can’t comment at this point as to if/when this will be fixed, so for now, just make F5 your friend!

  • Thanks for the insight - this was driving me crazy.

  • hah, too funny...good ole F5...

  • Crazy! But it worked!

  • lol...Thank you, this helps!

  • Sweet Mother McCree. It was that easy? Thanks! I was sweating the whole "Important" Section here:

    That seemed to indicate that Exchange Server 2013 was needed to be up and running in the environment to make things work.

  • Yep. Thanks

  • Master of Universe!!! thanks

  • Thanks this worked

  • Still did not work for me

  • Not working for me

  • not working for me either, remains greyed out

  • For connecting to Outlook You need Outlook 2013 installed on desktop and Exchange 2013 environment!

  • Worked GREAT! Was driving me nuts!

  • Not working on my mac book pro with outlook 2013 installed.

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