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About Scott


About Scott

Greetings, friends!  Welcome!   My name is Scott Manning & I'll be your guide on this exciting journey through the SharePoint trenches.  I'm a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, dedicated to supporting one of our largest customers with all aspects of their SharePoint implementation.  I interface with consultants, support engineers, technology strategists & many others in my quest to become One with SharePoint.  I love building things.  I love troubleshooting/fixing things.  I read ULS logs like a scintillating mystery novel.

Gee, that's swell, but why am I here?

Well, you've stumbled upon this blog somehow, so I can only assume you are thirsty for SharePoint knowledge for one reason or another.  The intent of this blog is not to regurgitate the mountains of  documentation already posted on TechNet & the countless other blogs.  The goal here is to bring some experience from the field, mix in some lessons learned & best practices, add some tips & tricks, and hope that some find it useful.  So kick back, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the ride!