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  • Blog Post: Microsoft to offer free consumer security suite | Security - CNET News

    I'm really excited about this announcement. This is a great step forward in making protection of your PC available for all. In the second half of 2009 we will be releasing code-name Morro that will protect customers from trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits more
  • Blog Post: Nearly 50% of Windows 7 PCs run 64-bit versions I have been using 64-bit on all the machines I own that can run it. While the features are the same as the 32-bit versions, it’s the ability more
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer Security Update Released

    As a follow up to the recent IE security vulnerability. Microsoft has released an out-of-band security update to protect the recently reported remote code execution hack. You can see more details here more
  • Blog Post: Windows 7 – Acer Aspire 9500 Wireless Drivers

    So it would be silly to blog about the fact that Windows 7 is out there in beta now, and from everyone’s opinion its a solid build… very very solid build. I am running this on my production machine at work on a Lenovo T61p and on my Acer Aspire 9500. more
  • Blog Post: The Internet Explorer threat

    There has been a huge amount of media regarding the current security concerns of using Internet Explorer as a browser on your machine. Reports are indicating that the French and German governments are instructing people to change to another browser to more
  • Blog Post: PDC 2008 / Agenda / Sessions

    Getting out to LA for a Microsoft event is not always the easiest thing for people to do, so great to hear that all of the sessions from PDC are being hosted so you can watch them after the actual event. I remember the last few PDCs where you had to wait more