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  • Blog Post: Singapore Community Technology Update 2007

    The Singapore Windows User Group and SGDOTNET User Group are organising the Community Technology Update 2007 on Nov 3 at Microsoft Auditorium. Come meet the Influencer army of internal and external Microsoft experts who will share the latest on Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Office Communications...
  • Blog Post: Learning to Love UAC...

    I know a lot of people get annoyed by the UAC feature in Windows Vista, but here is a reason to inspire new love for this protective prompt. " Love or hate its nagging prompts, Vista 's Account Control feature (UAC) has a security feature that marks more
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Center Sandbox - Screencast: Creating A Simple Media Center Application

    Just wanted to point you all to two great screencasts on how you can develop applications on Windows Media Center. Personally I love Windows Media Center, it is the center of my entire home entertainment experience, it is networked and streamed all around more
  • Blog Post: Springboard Series: all the Vista content you could ask for

    Thinking about deploying Vista or in the middle of it? Or maybe you want to find a reason for deploying? Then the Springboard Series is a great resource for you. This is a newly launched site on TechNet where you can find content and fact depending on where you are in the cycle; Discover , Explore ,...
  • Blog Post: Jeff Jones Security Blog : Download: H1 2008 Desktop OS Vendor Report - Vulnerabilities and Days-of-Risk

    Jeff Jones has released his six monthly report on desktop OS security vulnerabilities and Days-Of-Risk. One highlight was the pie chart on security vulnerabilities in the different OSes.   This certainly is in contrast to what a lot people are saying more
  • Blog Post: News on Vista Service Pack 1

    There have been lots of rumors around Windows Vista Service Pack 1; when will it be released, what it will contain etc but now the Vista team tries to answer all these questions in this blog post. What is interesting to see is that for Vista they try to release updates through Windows Update as soon...