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  • Blog Post: Windows Server Hyper-V RC1

    Got to say I am very excited about the eminent release of Hyper-V to Windows Server 2008. I have been running Windows Server 2008 on the machine for a while and it continues to impress. Hyper-V is one of those technologies is really going to help customers more
  • Blog Post: Singapore Community Technology Update 2007

    The Singapore Windows User Group and SGDOTNET User Group are organising the Community Technology Update 2007 on Nov 3 at Microsoft Auditorium. Come meet the Influencer army of internal and external Microsoft experts who will share the latest on Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Office Communications...
  • Blog Post: ANWYCDFYSBWYSCDFY - Episode 1

    Welcome to the first edition of ANWYCDFYSBWYSCDFY (Ask not what you can do for your server but what your server can do for you). Yes Ill admit its a terrible title, but the intent behind these videos is to quickly show you what can be achieved with Windows more
  • Blog Post: Why Virtualize?

    Episode 2 of our ANWYCDFYSBWYSCDFY, on Hyper-V. This video is more of a discussion about what Dennis is doing in the Microsoft Singapore Innovation Center to take advantage of Hyper-V being released as a part of Windows Server 2008. No demo content here more
  • Blog Post: Smooth HD

    So what is Smooth HD? The definition from the Akamai web site says... " is an early glimpse of cutting edge new technology from Microsoft and Akamai that will raise the bar on the consumer video experience. is powered by more
  • Blog Post: Server Sneaks - weekly dose of all things Windows Server 2008

    If you don't have much time, but you want to know the latest on Windows Server 2008, check out Server Sneaks which is a weekly series of screencasts on all things Windows Server 2008. Delivered by Microsoft Singapore's IT Pro Evangelist, Dennis Chung, these 5-min quick bytes will equip you with what...
  • Blog Post: What a find from the Windows Server 2008 Insiders group

    Run by MS Singapore's very own WS08 enthusiastic evangelist, Dennis Chung (whose blog is featured in my sidebar on the right), the WS08 Insider group provides exclusive, deep-level trainings to a selected group of passionate IT Pros. As a result, Dennis has found Suhender Gunawan from Siemens IT Solutions...
  • Blog Post: Server Core "Theoretically" reduces the number of Security Bulletins

    Just after publishing our video on Server Core, I visited Jeff Jones Security Blog , and found this post on how having a server OS being installed more
  • Blog Post: Up and running on Windows Server 2008

    Well I just recently rebuilt my Power Laptop (Dell XPS 1710) on to Windows Server 2008. Why, you may ask? BECAUSE I CAN!!! Not really, I wanted to try and give the Hyper-V components a whirl and try out some of those features. However one problem I did more
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2008 RC1 is here!

    Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 1 is now available for download on the web. You can either choose to not register and get a 30 day trial or to register and then you get a product key that lasts until June 30h 2008. More information about it here
  • Blog Post: Be part of the Singapore Face of Windows Server 2008!

    This is THE place to join for all things WS08 - it's a community portal where you can interact with other IT Pros and developers, check out latest WS08 webcasts and v-lab content, and download the latest Beta 3 version of WS08. What's really interesting is that you can also upload your Face and become...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V now available for download!!

    Hi All,   Exciting stuff on the wires, the update to Windows Server 2008 with the RTM code for Hyper-V is now available. This is what Dennis and I were talking about in our last video . I hope to find some time to do another video showing how to more
  • Blog Post: Free E-learning on Windows Server 2008

    Do you want to learn more about Windows Server 2008? For a limited time we have four free E-learning clinics available online. The clinics cover server virtualization, security and policy management, branch office management, centralized application access, and server management. Check them out here...
  • Blog Post: Terminal Services Remote App solved lots of problem for O2Micro

    As you might know, Dennis is running something called the “Windows Server 2008 Insiders” group in Singapore where the members learn about Windows Server 2008 every month and get the chance to try it out within the IT Pro Momentum Program. One of the members, Bernard, was curious about what Terminal...
  • Blog Post: history.forward() - Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft

    I am excited about the work we are doing in contributing back to the Open Source community here at Microsoft. Our work on getting PHP to not only run, but run exceptionally well on Windows Server 2008 with FastCGI is a great step ahead to support web more
  • Blog Post: Presenting the security of Windows Server 2008

    On Thursday night I had the privilege of presenting to the user group. Those who are unaware of this group, they are a passionate group of security experts in Singapore.   We had a 30-strong attendance from the group packed in to our Microsoft more