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    There are certainly a lot of different information about how a company can implement specific technologies to help reduce costs in the areas of TCO etc… however what about just basic off the operation of a business bill cost? Lets take electricity consumption more
  • Blog Post: Installing Win7 using a USB Stick | Media | TechNet Edge

    My good friend Dennis has just posted a “How-To” video on installing Windows 7 from a USB drive. Apart from the practicality of having it on a USB driver rather than a DVD, its a really fast install! Installing Win7 using a USB Stick | Media | TechNet more
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    Ok, so I am no MacBook specialist, but someone I was talking to was complaining about the amount of time it took to install Windows 7 via Bootcamp on a MacBook via a DVD. So I got a hold of a MacBook, my wife got one for a broadband promo, and embarked more
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    Saw this great tip from the guys at on how to speed up your Windows 7 Taskbar. When you have lots of applications running, its a great way to speed the process up to look through all the active applications. Check it out at http://lifehacker more
  • Blog Post: Nearly 50% of Windows 7 PCs run 64-bit versions I have been using 64-bit on all the machines I own that can run it. While the features are the same as the 32-bit versions, it’s the ability more
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    As a follow up to the recent IE security vulnerability. Microsoft has released an out-of-band security update to protect the recently reported remote code execution hack. You can see more details here more
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    There has been a huge amount of media regarding the current security concerns of using Internet Explorer as a browser on your machine. Reports are indicating that the French and German governments are instructing people to change to another browser to more