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  • Blog Post: Ruby on Rails, Silverlight and IronRuby

    Was just chatting to my colleague John Lam, the drive for IronRuby in Microsoft about his recent participation in RailsConf 2008 . At the event there were two cool things that they showed. 1. Silverlight plugin for Ruby on Rails, bringing the richness more
  • Blog Post: Smooth HD

    So what is Smooth HD? The definition from the Akamai web site says... " is an early glimpse of cutting edge new technology from Microsoft and Akamai that will raise the bar on the consumer video experience. is powered by more
  • Blog Post: Moonlight (Silverlight on Linux) – Interview with Miguel de Icaza

    Code to Live: Dancing in the Moonlight with Miguel de Icaza The interview is a bit old, but has just been published. Miguel de Icaza talks about Moonlight and how it came about. Thanks to Josh Holmes for posting it. more
  • Blog Post: PDC 2008 / Agenda / Sessions

    Getting out to LA for a Microsoft event is not always the easiest thing for people to do, so great to hear that all of the sessions from PDC are being hosted so you can watch them after the actual event. I remember the last few PDCs where you had to wait more